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IB2d Video Tutorials!

Video Tutorials (created Spring/Summer 2018):

  • Tutorial 1:

    • An introduction to the immersed boundary method, fiber models, open source IB software, IB2d​, and some FSI examples!

  • Tutorial 2:

    • A tour of what comes with the IB2d software, how to download it, what Example subfolders contain and what input files are necessary to run a simulation

  • Tutorial 3

    • An overview of how to construct immersed boundary geometries and create the input files (.vertex, .spring, etc.) for an IB2d simulation to run using the oscillating rubberband example from Tutorial 2 as a guide.


  • Tutorial 4

    • The basics of visualizing data using open source visualization software called VisIt (by Lawrence Livermore National Labs), visualizing the Lagrangian Points and Eulerian Data (colormaps for scalar data and vector fields for fluid velocity vectors)

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