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PUBLISHED: (reverse numerical order...)

  1. CL. Hamlet, W.C. Strickland, N.A. Battista, L.A. Miller, Multiscale flow between the branches and polyps of gorgonians, Journal of Experimental Biology (2023) LINK

  2. W.C. Strickland, N.A. Battista, C.L. Hamlet, L.A. Miller, Planktos: An agent-based modeling framework for small organism movement and dispersal in a fluid environment with immersed structures, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 84:72 (2022) LINK

  3. N.A. Battista, M.G. Gaddam, C.L. Hamlet, A.P. Hoover, L.A. Miller, A. Santhanakrishnan, The Presence of a Substrate Strengthens The Jet Generated by Upside-Down Jellyfish, Frontiers in Marine Science 9:847061 (2022) LINK

  4. M. Santiago, N.A. Battista, L.A. Miller, S. KhatriPassive concentration dynamics incorporated into the library IB2d, a two-dimensional implementation of the immersed boundary method, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 17: 036003 (2022) LINK

  5. J. Miles, N.A. Battista Exploring the sensitivity in jellyfish locomotion under variations in scale, frequency, and duty cycle,  Journal of Mathematical Biology 83:56 (2021) PREPRINT, LINK

  6. T. Baldwin, N.A. Battista, Hopscotching Jellyfish: combining different duty cycle kinematics can lead to enhanced performance, Biosinspiration & Biomimetics 16(6): 066021 (2021) PREPRINT, LINK

  7. N.A. Battista, Book Review: Scale: The Universal Laws of Life, Growth, and Death in Organisms, Cities, and Companies, Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications, 42(2): 173-175 (2021)

  8. N.A. Battista, Diving into a simple anguilliform swimmer's sensitivity, Int. Comp. Biol. 60(5): 1236-1250 (2020) LINK (doi), LINK

              **  I want to thank the anonymous Reviewers for their very constructive, supportive feedback. I really                             appreciate your numerous quick reviews in the middle of a Pandemic. You really went above and                                                          beyond and really helped significantly strengthen this manuscript.**


  9. L.D. Waldrop, Y. He, N.A. Battista, T. Neary, L.A. Miller, Uncertainty quantification reveals the physical constraints on pumping by valveless, tubular hearts, J. Royal Society Interface 17: 20200232 LINK

  10. N.A. Battista, Swimming through parameter subspaces of a simple anguilliform swimmer, Int. Comp. Biol. 60(5): 1221-1235 (2020) LINK (doi) , LINK

    **  I want to thank the anonymous Reviewers for their very constructive, supportive feedback. I really                             appreciate your numerous quick reviews in the middle of a Pandemic. You really went above and                                                          beyond and really helped significantly strengthen this manuscript.**


  11. N.A. Battista, L.A. Miller, Bumps, Ridges, and No Flows in Vein, The Art of Theoretical Biology, eds:  F. Matthäus, S. Matthäus, S. Harris, Th. Hillen, 106-107 (2020) BOOK CHAPTER

  12. D.M. Senter, D.R. Douglas, W.C. Strickland, S. Thomas, A. Talkington, L.A. Miller, N.A. Battista, A Semi-Automated Finite Difference Mesh Creation Method for Use with Immersed Boundary Software IB2d and IBAMR, Bioinspiration and Biomimetics 16(1): 016008 (2021) LINK

  13. M. Mongelli, N.A. Battista, A Swing of Beauty: Pendulums, Fluids, Forces, and Computers, Fluids 5(2): 48 (2020) LINK

  14. N.A. Battista, suite-CFD: an array of fluid solvers written in MATLAB and Python, Fluids 5(1): 28 (2020) LINK

  15. N.A. Battista, Fluid-Structure Interaction for the Classroom: Interpolations, Hearts, and Swimming!, SIAM Review (SIREV) 63(1): 181-207 (2021) PREPRINT, LINK

  16. J.G. Miles, N.A. Battista, Naut Your Everyday Jellyfish Model: Exploring How Tentacles and Oral Arms Impact Locomotion, Fluids 4(3): 169 (2019) PREPRINT​, LINK

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  30. N.A. Battista, Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics: A non-intimidating journey, Dept. of Mathematics, Stony Brook University, 2010, PDF

  31. N.A. Battista, A comparison of heroin epidemic models, School of Mathematical Sciences, RIT, 2009, LINK

  32. N.A. Battista, M.A. Radin, Monotonic and Periodic Character of solutions of the Rational Difference Equation $x_{n+1}=\frac{A_n X_{n-1}}{1 + X_n + X_{n-1}}$, School of Mathematical Sciences, RIT, 2008, PDF


  • N.A. Battista, Spectrally Accurate Initial Data in Numerical Relativity, Masters Thesis, Advisors: Anthony Harkin, David Ross, Joshua Faber, School of Mathematical Sciences, RIT, M.S. Thesis (2010) LINK

  • N.A. Battista, The Fluid Dynamics of Heart Development: The Effect of morphology on flow at several stages, Advisor: Laura A. Miller, Dept. of Mathematics, UNC-CH, Ph.D. Thesis (2017), PDF, LINK



  • N.A. Battista, M.S. Mizuhara, Fluid-Structure Interaction for the Classroom: Speed, Accuracy, Convergence, and Jellyfish!, in review PREPRINT

  • N.A. Battista, R. Handley, S.E. Handley, D.T. Rogers, C.M. Battista, That’s a bingo! On the PMFs and Expectation Values of Various Bingo Games, in preparation 

  • M. Williams, L. Waldrop, N.A. Battista, L.A.Miller, Computational model of the circulatory system of the juvenile tunicate, Ciona savignyi, in preparation 

  • N.A. Battista, R.J. Booth, Fluid-Structure Interaction for the Classroom: Dimensional analysis, scaling, and Jellyfish!, in preparation 


  • N.A. Battista, ODEs, PDEs, Linear Algebra, and that jazz. (Book, in preparation) PDF

  • L.A. Miller, R. Levy, N.A. Battista, A mathematical view of life in moving fluids. (Book, in preparation)

  • N.A. Battista, MAT/BIO 330: Mathematical Biology (Book, to complement the Math Bio course) PDF



Scientific Computing Notes: (Disclaimer: These notes are always being revised/added to as time allows. Please excuse any typos and formatting errors. That being said, they are being written to assist in graduate student preparation for their comprehensive exams in numerical analysis; however, they are not free or errors, yet. Eventually they will be compiled into a succinct book for teaching introductory scientific computing.)

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