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Undergraduate Research Links:

TCNJ MUSE Fellowship

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NSF GRFP Application

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Other Research Links:

  • Laura Miller, Ph.D.: Advisor/collaborator who investigates changes in the fluid dynamic environments of organisms as they grow or shrink in size over evolutionary or developmental time.

  • Matthew, Mizuhara, Ph.D.: Colleague/collaborator who studies firefly synchronization, cell motility, and neural networks!

  • Christina Battista, Ph.D.: My sister who works in industry and uses mathematical modeling to help guide the design of new drugs.

  • Christopher Strickland, Ph.D.: Collaborator who develops new methods for modeling local  and non-local spread in the context of invasive species and infectious disease.

  • Lindsay Waldrop, Ph.D.: Collaborator  (now at Chapman University) who studies interactions between organisms and their fluid environments.

  • Jennifer Prairie, Ph.D.:  Collaborator at University of San Diego working in Marine Science, studying the ecology of plankton

  • Alexander Hoover, Ph.D.: Collaborator who studies fluid-structure interactions, namely locomotion, neuro-muscular modeling, and inverse problems in biology.

  • Arvind Santhanakrishnan, Ph.D.: Collaborator who studies locomotion and pumping and feeding functions in biological systems interacting with low-speed, unsteady fluid flows.

  • Robert Booth: Analyst colleague who studies wave equations and PDE motivated by general relativity

  • Namdi Brandon, Ph.D.: Collaborator who studies parallelization in TIME and the creation/analysis of efficient numerical algorithms for differential algebraic systems.

  • Austin Baird, Ph.D.: Collaborator who studies bio-inspired fluid-structure interaction problems.


Research Affiliations:

Integrative Vascular Biology Group

McAllister Heart Institute at UNC

Important Links:

MDA: Muscular Dystrophy Association – fighting muscle disease

Event Horizon Mag – online publication dedicated to delivering art and stories inspired by science with an aim to connect people with science in a more personal, deeper way.

NC Pug Rescue – adopt a pug; they need you.

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