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Video Tutorials (rough drafts made in Spring 2018):

  • Tutorial 1

    • MATLAB Programming environment, command window operations, defining variables, constructing vectors and matrices​

  • Tutorial 2

    • MATLAB scripting, writing scripts, calling scripts in other scripts, plotting, introduce a for loop.​

  • Tutorial 3

    • Practicing MATLAB scripting, comparing for-loops and while-loops​

MATLAB Programming Notes (last updated Fall 2022)

  • Arrays<click-for-pdf>

    • How to create arrays as well as extract data and manipulate them.

  • Plotting<click-for-pdf>

    • Basics of how to plot data in MATLAB, including plotting aesthestic

  • For-loops<click-for-pdf>

    • What is a for-loop, how to use them, and a few examples (e.g., computing sums, iterating a sequence, and evaluating a polynomial)

  • If-Statements: <click-for-pdf>
    • What are logical statements and boolean expressions with a few examples (e.g., determine if a number is odd or even, evaluating a piecewise function, and rolling a fair or unfair die)​
  • While loops: <click-for-pdf>
    • What is a while loop, while loops vs. for loops, and a few examples using while loops (e.g., writing the same task with a while-loop and for-loop​, computing partial sums of the Harmonic Series, using 'flag' variables)
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